What is the way to gain eternal life during the 1300’s

RonPaulCurriculum History Essay Religion had a big part during the Medieval ages, especially Christianity. Because of this, we have a lot of Christian works during this time, and many of these books talked about God and his power over our world, and ways to gain eternal life. In “The Little Flowers of St.Francis Assisi” which … Continue reading What is the way to gain eternal life during the 1300’s


Discrepancies in the song of Roland

RonPaulCurriculum History Essay Throughout the poem “The Song of Roland” written by Turold, there were many discrepancies in it. Now, this has Historians wondering why this poem has stayed so well known throughout the years, was it that people liked the poem so much that they ignored the problems with it, or did they just … Continue reading Discrepancies in the song of Roland

Did Literature Encourage Christians to Undertake Politics

RonPaulCurriculum History Essay A lot of early medieval literature were Christian Catholic works, the books went over things like sovereignty, authority, law, and sanctions these were are all clearly stated in the works of medieval literature. A lot of the Christian books usually wrote about God sovereignty or about the Biblical law. They often said … Continue reading Did Literature Encourage Christians to Undertake Politics

Thomas Aquinas

RonPaulCurriculum History Essay 1. Now Duns Scotus and William Ockham were new philosophers to the field, and with them, they brought new theories and philosophies about logic and religion. And their new philosophies went against every philosophy of Thomas Aquinas. First off these two new philosophers stated that reason and religion just simply don’t go … Continue reading Thomas Aquinas

Universities during the Medieval Ages

RonPaulCurriculum History Essay 1. Many Universities during the Medieval Ages all began during the Carolingian Renaissance. The Universities taught 7 subjects which they adopted from cathedral schools, mathematics, rhetoric, music, astronomy, grammar, logic, and literature were all from these cathedrals. Many years after the Medieval Ages, during 1200 to the 1400 many famous Universities were created, … Continue reading Universities during the Medieval Ages