RonPaulCurriculum Western Civilization Essay The first things that we learned in the Didache are how to treat other people, and in the book it reads “ First, thou shalt love the God who made thee, secondly, thy neighbor as thyself; and whatsoever thou wouldst not have done to thyself, do not thou to another.” From … Continue reading Didache


“Why shouldn’t I borrow to buy something that depreciates?”

RonPaulCirruculum Business Essay Well, the question is why I shouldn't borrow just to buy something that will depreciate over time. The answer is quite obvious. Let’s say you buy something now that costs 10 dollars, and you only have 5 dollars, so you go to a bank and ask to borrow money from them. So they … Continue reading “Why shouldn’t I borrow to buy something that depreciates?”

Augustan settlement/julius caesar

RonPaulCurriculum Western Civilization Essay “What was the Augustan Settlement? How did Augustus balance his perceived need for absolute power with his concern to lend the impression that the republic had been restored and the old ways were being observed?” Well to answer the first question you first need to know Octavian (who later on will … Continue reading Augustan settlement/julius caesar