Louisiana Purchase

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

Napoleon is known as one of the most powerful generals in history, and his empire was mostly all in Europe, and so as a chance to grow not only in Europe, he made a treaty with Spain, who at the time owned the Louisiana, this treaty would then give the rights of Louisiana to France.

The reason why Napoleon bought this land was to use the natural resources from the Louisiana territory and send the resources to the island of Saint-Domingo to help the sugar industry. Sadly for Napoleon, the island rebelled against slavery and the rebels won, this then meant that the Louisiana territory was useless to Napoleon since he didn’t need the resources.

Then the Americans came by, and since they could travel through the Mississippi River, (Thanks to the Pinckney’s Treaty) they still had to pass through New Orleans and at New Orleans, the French had to check the cargo of the boat before they could let them pass. This was not good money wise so they decided to buy New Orleans from Napoleon so trading ships could pass through without getting stopped and slowed down.

Napoleon liked this idea, and he came around and decided to sell the entire Louisiana territory to America, and we agreed to it, but you might be asking why would Napoleon sell the entire Louisiana Territory? The answer is actually quite simple, he just needed money to fund all of his expensive wars in Europe.

Now Thomas Jefferson (The President during that time and our Third President), sent two men over to make a deal with Napoleon, these two men were James Monroe and Robert Livingston, and they struck a deal with Napoleon and they got Louisiana for $0.03 per acre, which added up to $15,000,000! Now this was a great thing, but our third President Thomas Jefferson, he was out of his jurisdiction, he couldn’t buy the land even if he wanted to, if he wanted to buy land he would’ve needed to consult the other political branches, this is a good example that power corrupts people, even the founding fathers…




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