How viruses act like living things

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade Biology Essay

The way that viruses reproduce is that they find a cell and the viruses would mix in with the cell’s DNA, and when the cell splits the viruses would split with it, now there are two cells which have the viruses, this will continue to go on for a while.

Another way the viruses would spread is that when the viruses enters a cell it starts to create the parts to help take more pods to transport the viruses out of the cells, this is another way to spread the virus, and when these pods are made they all rip out of the cell, this is not a passive way of spreading the virus (comparing to the past one) since it kills and rips the cell they were living in.

This is a simple way of explaining on how the viruses spreads its diseases through the human or animal body.


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