History of Computers

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

In the 1970’s one of the biggest rivalries in the electronic market began, and this was the between the two rivals Apple and Microsoft, and they are still the biggest electronic companies today.

Steve Jobs, was adopted at birth by Paul and Clara Jobs in San Francisco, California in 1955, Steve grew up a genius and skipped two grades, but was bullied a lot during his childhood, and his parents finally agreed to move him to a better school district in Los Altos, California.

While in high school Steve Jobs met Steve Wozniak and they both became long time friends, and after graduating in 1972, Jobs enrolled at Reed College which his parents could barely afford to take him there.

And after one year Steve Jobs decided to drop out of school since he didn’t want to waste the money if he didn’t need to, so he spent the next 3 years traveling, and even spent 3 years in India.

And the only thing that he enjoyed in college was a calligraphy class, he wasn’t even supposed to go that class, but he still “dropped in” the class, and he said that some of the things in the class helped to inspire him to create some of his computers.

Then Steve got a job from Atari, and he asked Wozniak to help him build it, the project they built was so effective it couldn’t be replicated on a factory line, so Atari paid them 5,000 for the results of the project.

Then in 1976, Steve Jobs friend, Wozniak created the Apple I and showed it to jobs, and they both agreed to start Apple Computer Inc., but they later shortened it to Apple Inc.

Anyways, one of the biggest breakthroughs that Jobs had was incorporating a GUI or a Graphics User Interface, which he first saw being used in a Xerox Alto. The GUI essentially means that instead of keyboard used to interact with the interface on the computer, you could use a mouse to interact with the screen.

The first computer they used the GUI on was the Apple Lisa, but it didn’t go as planned as Steve planned, so he then focused on the Macintosh project, which was started by one of his employees, and in 1984 Macintosh was being sold, but the computer was way too far ahead of its time to sell well.

Then in 1985 Steve was kicked out of Apple due to a dispute over the direction of the company was going, and being kicked out, Steve Jobs had to go find another job.


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