George W. Bush

RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade History Essay

George H. W. Bush the 41st president, has a son, his son was called George W. Bush became the 43rd president of the US. Becoming the 2nd father and son duo since John Adams and John Quincy Adam.

George Walker Bush grew up in Texas, and was born in July of 1964, where George H. W. Bush started his oil company, which made him extremely rich. The family then moved to Houston, and Bush went to a preparatory school for 2 years, and after that he went to a boarding school where he played as part of the baseball team, and was also the leader of the cheerleader.

After graduating, he got accepted to Yale, getting a Bachelor of Arts in History, and got a Master of Business Administration in 1975.

Bush worked in the Texas Air National Guard in May 1968, he spent two years of his life in training, till he was ready, and sent to Houston. Where he then enlisted in the Alabama Air National Guard, where he finally got discharged in 1974.

3 years later In 1977, Bush met Laura Welch, a school teacher and a librarian. And only three months after meeting Laura , Bush proposed to Laura, and they both got married later that year, and had twin daughters on November 25, 1981, Barbara and Jenna. Also when Bush first met Laura, he was an alcoholic, but once he married Laura, he joined the United Methodist Church and ended his drinking problem.

Bush first ran for House of Representative, but lost. So he then bought a portion of the Texas Rangers baseball franchise, and at the same time managed his father’s presidency campaign. The Texas Rangers were doing very well because of him, and not soon after Bush became the leader of the Texas Rangers. He also grew status as a great businessman.

Bush then tried politics again, but this time he ran for governor of Texas in 1994. And because of his success with the Texas Rangers, including his family’s background with his father as president, he was able to defeat the incumbent Ann Richards. Once he went into office, he focused on education, reducing crime rate, welfare, and tort reform.

Finally in 1999 he tried his luck, and ran for president with Dick Cheney as his vice president. Bush sadly lost the popular vote, but won electoral vote, and since the electoral vote is actually the voting that gets you in office, he became president.

Only eight months after this election, the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Bush declared a war on Afghanistan in 2003, whihc is also known as the “War on Terror”

This War was the longest war that America took place in. And in 2011, there were peace talks with the country, and finally, in 2014, all of the American troops in Afghanistan returned, just leaving a small portion of the army in Afghanistan until 2016.

Then In 2007, the housing market bubble popped, it was one of the biggest drops in the U.S. and it didn’t get better quickly, people called it the Great Recession. Then in 2011 the American economy finally started to recover 4 years after the bubble popped.

The George W. Bush administration was also very different, mostly because the Republicans had control of both the Houses of Congress and the Presidency. And in this administration where both the House and Senate were both Republicans, they made some of worst decisions. This is because one House will be Democratic and the other is Republican.


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