RonPaulCurriculum 8th Grade English Essay

There are pro’s and con’s to writing or running a blog, but i’m going to explain the pro side of running a blog.

First off, writing blogs can be fun mosts of the time, especially if you’re writing about something you enjoy doing, a few examples could be that you start a blog about baking, or start a small news blog just for fun.

For me I have a blog just for photo’s but I don’t write much in it, but other than that I have another blog for my essays.

But blogs can also help you in the future by adding it to your portfolio to help you get a decent job like an accountant instead of a employee at a place like McDonalds or Starbucks and getting paid quite well instead of being payed for washing plates.

Another thing to add blogs can help you improve your writing skills. And if you compare your first post to your most modern post, you can see the difference and if you have improved in writing, this can help you in school and you can show people that you have improved in writing.

And writing in blogs, can help you improve your writing skills as I said, and it can be quiet useful in school, or finding a job as an author or something similar to that.

Writing also shows that you have creativity. It’s not easy to find something to write about everyday. This is something a lot of people have problems with, its called a writer’s block, this is essentially the meaning when someone doesn’t know what to write about.

Writing blogs, has many pro’s to it, so many that I can add them all to the list, but I will recommend of starting your own blog, on anything you enjoy and want to write about. Your blogs doesn’t even need to have words.

There are many things you can write about for a blog, so go start thinking on what you want your blog to be about!


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